Snow day

All. Day. Long.

The winter of 2015-2016 got off to a mild start. Christmas Eve was close to 70F which is outrageous for New England. We finally had a snow day on February 5. 1" was predicted but we received close to 10". The dogs absolutely love the snow. Piper being a border collie is hyper focused on your feet wanting you to kick up the snow for her to catch in her mouth. Stella tries to dig through the snow down to the ground and because this was a heavy, wet snow it becomes packed into balls in her long fur. Some of the balls were as big as softballs! I took my camera outside during the storm and then later when the sun came out. There's something magical about a snow day.

This video I made last year, one of our many snow days. Visions of sweet Gayle who was still happy and mostly healthy and before Piper.