Resolutions and Rescues

For quite some time now I've wanted to create my own website, one where I had a little more freedom in the design and layout. Also, one where I would blog less and post more images. My old Wordpress blog, Rebecca the Housewrecka, has an impossible url and was created years ago when my focus was mostly on my little kids. The kids aren't so little anymore and my photography took on a new focus two years ago when I started volunteering at our local animal shelter.

So now it's January 2016 and after a week or so of taking an online blogging without code class I've come to this space. I'll fill it with lots of puppies and kitties and a rodent or bird here or there. There will be images of my own pets and those of friends or ones I meet on the street. I'll also share some of my professional work - babies, weddings, families, portraits. There will be vacation photos taken on my bucket list trips (so far there's Yellowstone, San Francisco, The Grand Canyon and Seattle). Photos taken over our many visits to Maine, my spirit state. And, of course, some of those big kids of mine.