Rescue is my favorite breed

It seems that I've turned into a crazy dog lady. The beginnings of which started with a mutt named Petunia or Putty who we smuggled many times over the Canadian border and who later died during an episode of Little House on the Prairie. Then, in my early 20's, I found the most amazing dog at an animal shelter in Denver, CO called the Denver Dumb Friends League. That dog Logan lived 17 1/2 years. She was my constant companion and an official Therapy Dog. We made weekly visits to the hospital and later, when I had my first child, she slept on the foot of my hospital bed. I possess Logan's ashes which will one day join mine. Stella (tongue seen above), a Dixie Dog from Georgia, chose me. 6 months after Logan passed I met a bus full of dogs of all sizes and ages looking for homes here in the northeast. Stella, just a puppy at the time, followed me around licking my flip flopped toes. I couldn't resist. A fan of Susie's Senior Dogs I was inspired to adopt my own senior who I found through Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. Sweet Gayle spent her final year and a half living the good life where she was pampered and loved. Of course volunteering weekly at a shelter comes with its own hazards, that hazard would be named Piper. Piper flew here from Texas with her 8 puppies. Piper and Stella currently coexist with two feline brothers, Calvin and Hobbes who are also rescues.